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Being at the forefront of design trends, we bring signature Gainsborough style and latest finishes to help you achieve a desired look for your home. What’s your ideal style? Browse our inspiration pages to find the perfect one for you:


Style Guide 2023

When designing or renovating your home, it’s important to consider the details such as door furniture. Creating harmony, rhythm and depth throughout your spaces, they can be critical to the final look you wish to achieve.

Our Style Guide 2023 is designed to show you the impact door hardware can have, and the trending styles it can unlock. Learn more:

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Style Academy

We believe that our door furniture is the ultimate finishing touch to any home or building, and we want to ensure that it adds a touch of Gainsborough style every time.  Door hardware can have a dramatic visual impact on the interior – it can work silently to complement a style or be a design statement in itself.  Browse our styling tips and get inspired:



Browse a selection of our favuorite moodboards by Aussie interior design consultants and builders! 

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