Welcome to the Gainsborough Style Guide 2023

When designing or renovating your home, it’s important to consider the details such as door furniture. Creating harmony, rhythm and depth throughout your spaces, they can be critical to the final look you wish to achieve.

Our Style Guide 2023 is designed to show you the impact door hardware can have, and the trending styles it can unlock.

Learn about the impact of hardware finishes

Being highly tactile touch points, functionality should always come first, when choosing door furniture, but looks is almost equally important! Find out what finishes we have on offer this season and learn how to pair them with your favourite interior design styles.

View the Style Book or download your copy

Meet our design expert

Born in Melbourne, Jenni is qualified in Interior Design and Decoration (DIP. RMIT), Interior Design (Bachelor Design, Swinburne University) and is a proud member of the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) with fifteen years of industry experience.

Jenni Robin

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