Gainsborough Freestyle Technology

Whether it’s checking if you’ve locked the house, or if your family has arrived home, this smart lock technology gives you unparalleled convenience, peace of mind, and the freedom to move.





Smart and stylish door access

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ technology delivers a complete smart home solution that is equally stylish and functional. 

Freestyle App

Gainsborough Freestyle™ App

Freestyle Trilock

Gainsborough Freestyle™ Trilock



Gainsborough Freestyle™ app

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ App is a simple to follow and intuitive app which is designed to make setup and navigation easy. 


Check the door is locked from the bus, the beach or the backyard

Already on the way to work and unsure if you closed and locked the front door? With the Gainsborough Freestyle™ app, all the information is available in real-time, at your fingertips.

Keep your loved ones safe

With the Gainsborough Freestyle™ app’s notifications and activity log, know if your loved ones have arrived home safely from school. Through the app, instantly add or remove access, without the need to change keys or locks.

Manage door access from your phone

Add and manage up to 20 users easily through the app. You can set unrestricted codes for kids or family, restricted access to a particular day and time for a cleaner or sitter, a temporary code for guests, or a one-off code for a plumber or repair person. 

Compatible with iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Android. Download the Gainsborough Freestyle App from your App store today. Currently compatible with iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Android. Download the Gainsborough Freestyle™ app from the app stores today.

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Android Google Play

Smart lock. Smart look.

Combining signature style with the latest technology.

The new Gainsborough Freestyle Smart Wi-Fi Trilock combines our signature style with the latest technology, offering you quality finishes combined with unparalleled convenience and peace of mind, now with built in Wi-Fi.  Featuring a stylish metal design in matt black finish, this versatile lock is packed with discreet smart technology and will suit many home styles. The Gainsborough Freestyle Smart Wi-Fi Trilock is available in two on-trend finishes: brushed satin chrome and matt black, which are certain to complement most interior decors.




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