Choosing the best silver finish

Choosing the best silver finish - from lustrous stainless steel to textured chrome


March '22

Did you know that Gainsborough hardware comes in not one but five different silver finishes? From muted stainless steel and brushed satin chrome to highly polished bright chrome, there are many tones to choose from to best suit your needs. 


In tapware and hardware, silver finishes are highly valued for their durability and versatility, making styling effortless. The reflective appearance of silver finishes means that they are likely to stand out against dark joinery in natural light, but tend to blend in with bright cabinetry. Depending on the level of lustre, they might appear soft and dull, or bright to almost white.



Gainsborough Ferro Allure Lever in Stainless Steel

Gainsborough Ferro Allure Passage Lever in Stainless Steel finish



Warmth and texture


Don’t be deceived by their seemingly identical looks - nickel and chrome couldn’t be more different!

It all comes down to warmth and texture. When selecting the right finish for your design project, make sure to view them in natural light to see if they complement other materials.



1. Colour Tones

The warmth of the finish has a lot to do with types of metals plated on hardware. Certain finishes will appear yellower such as nickel, whilst some will feature cooler and bluer tones, for example chrome. When considering your door hardware selections, be mindful of the tones you are using throughout the project.


Gainsborough Satin Chrome Finish

Satin Chrome Finish

Gainsborough Bright Chrome Finish

Bright Chrome Finish

Gainsborough Brushed Satin Chrome Finish

Brushed Satin Chrome Finish

Gainsborough Polished Stainless Steel Finish

Polished Stainless Steel Finish

Gainsborough Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless Steel Finish

2. Texture

Traditionally silver toned hardware came in a sleek, lustrous and bright form, but with the rise of plating techniques - electropolishing, PVD and sand blasting, there is a number of finishes and textures to choose from – satin and brushed satin to name a few.

Popular satin finishes appear to be more muted, matt, velvety and a touch darker comparing to bright ones. When brushed, they feature subtle abrasions that fabulously reflect natural light.


Chrome finish




Chromes are one of most popular hardware finishes. With a steely, lustrous look with slight blue undertones, they offer sophisticated and modern appearance.


Gainsborough Bright Chrome Finish

Bright Chrome Finish

Chrome Plate and Bright Chrome

Bright Chrome and Chrome Plate are two very similar, highly reflective finishes. Highly durable, they rarely scratch, fade or deteriorate.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement and the roaring 20s, this mirror-like finish is ideal for a contemporary or retro setting but will also complement a minimalist interior.

Make sure to consider it in your design project, if you enjoy a bit of glam in life and vibrant colour palette – it looks superb with rich and highly saturated jewel tone colours.
Recommended lever:
The modern, front profile taper of the Sierra lever from the Avant collection features a wide top surface that best reflects the lustrous finish.

Sierra Sierra Lever in Bright Chrome
Gainsborough Satin Chrome Finish

Satin Chrome Finish

Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome is a smooth steely finish with very subtle or no visible abrasions. It appears slightly darker, offering a moderately contemporary look. Being an affordable alternative to stainless steel hardware, it is often used in commercial applications.

Satin chrome door hardware will blend seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. For best results, pair it with white doors, it will look spectacular against brighter tones.

Recommended lever:
Highly versatile levers, the contemporary Lianna and Amelia from the Choice collection exude an understated elegance.


Brushed Satin Chrome

A brushed satin chrome finish features fine brushing which creates a textured matt effect, reducing the reflectiveness of the surface considerably. It gives a subtle lustre that is edgy and alluring, making it a popular and versatile choice for many interior design styles.

Easy on the eye, brushed satin chrome is also incredibly practical as it won’t show stains.

It will pair beautifully with warm wooden textures and a neutral colour palette, so make sure to consider it in your selections if you fancy timber floorboards and subtle tones.

Recommended lever:
Avant Alba and Neue Aurora levers look equally spectacular in this finish.

Gainsborough Brushed Satin Chrome Finish

Brushed Satin Chrome Finish


Stainless Steel


A timeless classic, stainless steel is highly durable and corrosion resistant.
If you are unsure which one to choose, stainless steel is always a winner! 

Stainless Steel
Unlike chrome finishes, stainless steel is not plated onto door hardware - the exterior finish is the metal of product itself. Depending on the finishing technique, it can appear quite dull and matt or a bit textured.

Steel comes in a variety of grades which indicate its durability and salt spray resistance. At Gainsborough we offer standard 304 and 316 marine grade steel, which is of superior quality and is ideal for coastal living.

From Trilock Omni statement pull handles for the entrance doors, to Ferro internal levers, you can go stainless steel all the way and fit your home with stainless steel hardware!

Polished Stainless Steel

Polished look of the stainless-steel finish is achieved through a lot of sanding with high grit paper. Highly reflective, it is a timeless classic for entry door solutions.

Our Trilock Omni pull handle in that finish will be a great addition to a Palm Springs style inspired entrance!