Mid-century boho

Inspired by residential architecture from the 50s and 60s, mid-century boho interior style references simplicity and functional and humane approach to design, while incorporating unconventional, eclectic styling.

Gabled roofs, simple lines, sunken lounges and sleek façades were characteristic to mid-century style, with open-plan living, and family privacy and needs being at the heart of it all - a legacy of the Melbourne architect Robin Boyd.

A contemporary version of a mid-century house continues to pay tribute to this philosophy, with a more eclectic twist. A fusion of new and old styling, abundance of plants, textures and patterns can be seen throughout.

You will enjoy this style if you prefer casual, comfortable and functional interiors with a bit of personality.

To achieve this look, select earthy green and yellow tones for your colour palette and mix up your furniture. This interior style gives you the freedom to combine ethnic, vintage and designer pieces.

To keep up with the functional approach to design, go with simple and geometric lever styles for your door hardware. The clean lines of Gainsborough’s Lianna and Amelia levers and the subtle curve design of Aurora will reflect the mid-century principles. Consider satin brass, aged brushed copper or brushed graphite finishes to add a bit of oomph to your doors!