Inspired by the luxurious homes in Long Island from the East Coast of United States, Hamptons style is becoming increasingly popular in Australia’s coastal cities. Commonly referenced by its exterior characteristics – weatherboard cladding, window shutters and classic entry door, this interior style is a perfect match for a Californian Bungalow or a Queenslander house.

The colour palette is timeless and relaxed at the same time, with a mix of dominant whites and neutrals, and soothing coastal blues. Despite Hamptons being a rather sophisticated look, allow yourself to add a dash of green or subtle geometric patterns to mix it up a little.

Layering textures and textiles will be key in transforming the space into an elegant, cosy, summer getaway residence. A beautiful throw, a mix of luxurious plump cushions and fluffy shag rug will do the trick.

To enhance this style with your door furnishings, consider using brass or gold-toned finishes, and classic lever styles. Delicate, curvaceous designs of Carla, Florence and Oblong Pull Handle will look stunning on Hamptons-style doors with raised mouldings.

For those who want to go classic all the way, have a look at our Trilock Traditional Lock and Diplomat knobs.