Avant Rivera for a luxurious multi-functional oasis

Avant Rivera levers for a luxurious multi-functional oasis


November '22




When the owner of building company O’Shea & Sons decided to build his own home, you know it is going to be stunning, but when you realise that this home is also going to be an office and a display home, you can be certain that every single detail will be chosen with attention and care.

The brand-new house was built in Amulreein Brisbane. O’Shea’s home is a perfect homage to the region and the builder’s own values.



Amulree Tarragindi project by O'Shea and Sons Builders was featured in Grand Designs Australia earlier this year.


The House

IIt is built on a 726sqm block and provides enough space for the residence multi-functions and its seven inhabitants. Nick O’Shea and his wife have four children and a dog.

The Coastal and island inspired property is filled with light and open spaces. It represents everything O’Shea & Sons wish to provide to their customers in our new post-pandemic society: sustainability, livability, and affordable luxury. The home does come with a lift to a rooftop, a whiskey cellar, a media room and obviously, a pool.

For Nick, environmentally friendly practices and sourcing locally are a no-brainer.

With these objectives in mind, the project team including O’Shea & Sons, building designer Jazz Designs and interior designer Merge Interior Design made the choice to select Gainsborough Avant Rivera levers for all their internal hinged doors.


With Gainsborough, the experience of a room starts as soon as one wants to open it and when the hand touches the door lever. Designed with comfort in mind, the Avant Rivera features a broad front profile and tapered corners, as well as an ergonomic finger cut at the base.

The Rivera set also features Gainsborough QuickFix™technology, awarded the Australian Good Design Award in 2019. In short, this means that Rivera handles are easy and quick to install which probably came handy considering the number of rooms in the O’Shea’s house. They also come in pre-assembled parts which means less product handling and wasteful packaging.

The team selected the matt black finish brought a nice contrast to the white doors for a sleek and modern appearance. There is something chic and timeless about the colour black, it can never go out of style.

The finish is not the only thing that will stand the test of time. Gainsborough products are designed to last, with the Avant range backed by a 15-year mechanical warranty The high standard and quality of these products have been proven for over 50 years.



The selection of Gainsborough, as well as every other single detail in this house, were not afterthoughts, everything has been meticulously considered in this build. As Nick O’Shea says himself, this house is a ‘testament to the strength of the community of trades, specialists, creatives and innovators we have supported and championed for years.’

And we are glad and proud to be part of it.

You can see more about the O’Shea’s home here: BOOM! And just like that it's... - O'Shea & Sons Builders | Facebook