QuickFix Technology

Ready, set, done.

Built for speed, our latest technology QuickFix™, revolutionises the fixing mechanism for faster door hardware installation and reduced costs.

Installation in under 30 seconds

QuickFix™ has been cleverly engineered to simplify the installation of door hardware.

We have reduced the number of parts included within your door furniture for less assembly, as well as simplified the mechanism for installation.

Step 1   Position the door furniture on either side of the door

Step 2   Rotate the bezel to lock the furniture into place

Step 3   Tighten the screws

Step 4   Fit the rose cover

You're done!
Fitting door hardware has never been more simple - installation in under 30 seconds (after latch and strike installation).

QuickFix™ technology is currently available on our Avant collection of internal levers.

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