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The new Trilock® combines Gainsborough’s signature style with the latest technology.

Whether it’s checking if you’ve locked the house, or if your family has arrived home, this smart lock gives you unparallel convenience, peace of mind, and the freedom to move.

Enjoy Trilock®’s 3-in-1 functionality, now with Bluetooth® smart technology.




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Use the Gainsborough Freestyle™ or the discrete key, the choice is yours. Go for a run without needing to take your keys and sharing access to friends, family or tradies is simple and safe - no more keys to hide. 

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Peace of mind

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock comes with the most advanced type of encryption for peace of mind. The lock features three modes of locking; passage, privacy and dead-lock, and when used with the door sensor kit know when your door is open or closed. 

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Freedom to move

When used with the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Wi-Fi bridge, the Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock can be operated from anywhere in the world. Add or remove access to your home or holiday home easily and quickly from the Gainsborough Freestyle™ app