Six reasons to use QuickFix products for your next door-hardware project

Six reasons to use QuickFix™ products for your next door-hardware project


May '22

Developed with speed, ease and safety in mind, QuickFix™ technology features on Gainsborough’s Avant range of hardware. It is a game changer for anyone in charge of the door hardware installation; from a builder of 100 houses to the handyman working on upgrading their surroundings.

If you still need some convincing, here are six reasons why you should be using QuickFix™ products for your next hardware installation.

1. QuickFix™ products are easy to install

Products using the QuickFix™ technology have been designed to require less handling than any other door handle installations. The process is intuitive and user friendly.

Studs and screws are already pre-assembled for your convenience. This means when fitting the handles to the door the components are held together. It is as simple as aligning the screws and twisting to secure in place.

Preparing the door is simple as well, with a template included in the box for a new door. It will also retrofit most existing door cut-outs. 

2. Everything you need it right there in the box

Whether you are installing it on a bathroom or bedroom door, everything you need it right there in the box, including the levers, latch, and strike plates. With the lever fixings already preassembled, less parts means less confusion and an easier install.

3. QuickFix™ products are fast!

With no need to cut screws or align screw to thread, once the latch and strike are installed the levers will take 30 seconds. That means less time on installing hardware and more time spent on other things.

4. Packaging with the user and environment in-mind

The Avant range of hardware comes in packaged using a minimal amount of plastic to be kinder on the environment. Once you are done, simply recycle the cardboard as you normally would.

Inside the box, you will find a QR code that will direct you to our website for installation tips and inspiration.

5. QuickFix™ is an award-winning technology

QuickFix™ received the 2019 Australian Good Design Award in the Product Design category

The Good Design Awards Jury praised QuickFix™ technology, commenting: “Quality design details with a balanced aesthetic. It is highly commendable that it is designed with recyclability in mind and the ease of installation and reduction in installation time is the QuickFix's best advantage. Quality product well finished to appeal to high-end market. Patented IP to reduce installation time.” Do we need to say more?

6. QuickFix™ technology has received some stellar reviews!

While we truly believe that our technology makes door hardware installation a lot easier, you don’t have to take our word for it. Besides being recognised by the design community and the Good Design Award jury, our team has been receiving some great feedback from builders to DIY beginners since launching. This feedback makes our day but most importantly they keep proving that QuickFix™ technology is the way forward for hardware installation. After all, why keeping the process complicated when it can be smooth and easy?

The QuickFix™ technology is available on the Avant collection via the Alba, Rivera, and Sierra lever designs.

Learn more about the QuickFix™ technology

Built for speed, our latest technology QuickFix™, revolutionises the fixing mechanism for faster door hardware installation and reduced costs.