The ultimate Freestyle Ttest by What Tradies Want

The ultimate Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock test.

By What Tradies Want.


Oct ' 20

Article by What Tradies Want from Otober 16, 2020.

Selecting door locks has previously been a matter of options based around being either a deadlock, privacy or passageway lockset. Gainsborough has raised the bar with its Freestyle Electronic Trilock with smart technology.


The Freestyle app can do a pile of intelligent tasks like lock and unlock the door from the car when you pull up in the driveway. You can allocate users – like the kids – to each have their own pin-code access so they can gain entry via their smart phone using the app, or punching a pin code directly into the keypad on the lock itself.

So if the battery on the phone dies, they can still effortlessly and quickly get into the house.

Ease Of Digital With Key Back-Up

A builder mate warned me, “Be careful. I installed digital locks like this on a holiday house up the coast, and when the batteries in the lock died everyone was locked out, and it was a total nightmare.”

The team at Gainsborough has cleverly included a system where if you miss the 12-month battery changeover and the batteries do happen to die, there’s a small hidden panel at the bottom of the lock you can slide out. Inside is a terminal which allows you jump start the lock with a 9V battery so you can enter your pin-code to gain access and then quickly swap the batteries from inside the home (emergency override keys are included).

  • Encrypted connection
  • Operate with a smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • 3-in-1 function: Privacy, Passage & Deadlock
  • Keyless entry pad
  • Monitor your lock status

Another great feature is the Wi-Fi Bridge and door sensor which provides extra peace of mind and allows you to receive notifications when certain users either leave the home and lock the door or arrive home and unlock the door. So for me, I would receive a message to my phone at 3:45pm telling me my youngest daughter has entered the home. It’s fantastic peace of mind.

When it comes to looks, there are two very stylish finishes in either Brushed Satin Chrome or Matt Black. I opted for Matt Black. Its design is sleek, modern and minimal, with a hidden slider that covers the low-profile keypad.

Test #1: Installation

Every chippy will have installed plenty of locks, and the installation process is the same as we’re all used to.

For everybody else, don’t stress out. It’s a pretty straightforward process. With the use of the provided template and instructions you will have the lock fully installed and operational in between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on how fast you like to move. The process involves drilling two 52mm holes into the face of the door. Don’t forget to only drill halfway on each side. Don’t push through in one go or it will get messy on the opposite side. After that there’s a few more holes to be drilled and some chiselling for the latch and strike plate.

The only hiccups I had came from not reading the instructions properly. I missed the step that explained how to reverse the direction of the handle to suit the chosen side of the door. The swap over involved a 1-minute fix by pressing a pin inside the lock to release the handle and rotate it 180 degrees.

Easy as.

Test #2: Programming And Usability

Once the lock is fitted, you can program admin and users with their pin codes directly into the lock, but I strongly recommend setting up the app on your mobile phone f irst. It’s  much easier,  and  once the straightforward process is done you will be impressed at the easy interface and options available.

The Freestyle Trilock earned its name from its ability to change through three modes at the push of a button:

  1. Passage mode (unlocked)
  2. Privacy mode ( locked outside but unlocked inside), and
  3. Deadlock mode (locked to both outside and inside).

Essentially, if your phone is within Bluetooth range of the lock you’re good to go. The app is easy to navigate and use. My two teenage daughters think it’s awesome and are now arguing about who will open the door first.

Of course, if your phone battery dies you simply enter your four-digit code directly into the lock.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

There is nothing ugly about this lock system. Its stylish, minimal looks will suit any door and its ease-of-use and functionality will impress any client. You can retrofit to an existing door as I did, or fit to brand-new client homes.

So if you’re thinking about installing one of these in your own home, or recommending them for a client’s home, I think you will be on to a winner with the Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock.

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