Gainsborough Freestyle Wi-Fi Bridge and Door Sensor Kit


Gainsborough Freestyle Wi-Fi bridge and Door Sensor Kit (sold separately), will give you the convenience to operate your door from anywhere in the world, allowing you to harness the full capability of the Freestyle Trilock and the Gainsborough Freestyle App. The Wi-Fi bridge allows the Freestyle Trilock to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network with an encrypted connection for added security and peace of mind. With the Gainsborough Freestyle Door Sensor Kit, you can fully monitor the state of your door, whether is it is opened or closed and if it is locked, all via the Gainsborough Freestyle App.

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  • Easy to install, set up and pair with your home Wi-Fi network
  • Enjoy the full capabilities of the Gainsborough Freestyle App and manage your door access from anywhere in the world on your phone
  • Get alerts on your phone when the lock is tampered with or your door is ajar
  • Connect your Gainsborough Freestyle Trilock Digital Lock to your home's Wi-Fi network
  • Included door sensor detects if your door is open or closed
  • Application: Internal
  • Latch included: false
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Hardware 101

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Caring for your Gainsborough product

Door hardware is easy to clean. Give your levers and knobs, including roses and plates, a gentle wipe every two months with a soft, damp cloth. A solution of soap and water could also be used to remove dirt from knobs, roses, but make sure the liquid doesn’t go into cylinders. Avoid using acidic or abrasive substances which may contain solvents, i.e. cleaning products, as they may cause a deterioration of the finish.

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A bucket of soapy water

soapy water

A soft, damp cloth

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