Minimalist interior will open up your home and highlight zones, and is perfect for those who dislike clutter or need to work with small places and wish to make it seem bigger than they really are.

Featuring clean lines, minimal textures, and a limited colour palette, this style exudes discipline, confidence and serenity.

Based on the idea that ‘less is more’, the key to minimalism is simplicity and restraint. The interior should be highly curated, and the placement of furniture well considered. Every object should have its function, place and meaning. Clever storage solutions and sleek floor-to-ceiling joinery will store everything hidden away. Out of sight, out of mind!

In a minimalist interior, quality trumps quantity so if minimalist interior is your preference, make sure you showcase high-quality objects made from simple, quality materials throughout. For example, sleek metal shelving or polished concrete floors will enhance the space without overpowering it.

Styling should be restricted to a few carefully selected objects.

Brushed satin chrome or stainless steel door hardware finishes will suit this style. Consider the use of cavity sliders for a more seamless design and consider our Allure in stainless steel and G2 Deadbolts. Angular, Aurora and Lianna styles will also help you achieve this look.