Gainsborough Freestyle App

The Freestyle App is a simple to follow and intuitive app which is designed to make setup and navigation easy. When used with the Wi-Fi bridge* you can utilize the full functionality of the locks features and settings.

Compatible with iOS meaning it can be used with your iPhone or iPad easily.


Download the freestyle app from the app store.

*Wi-Fi bridge sold seperately

App Functionality

User Management

Remote Access

Lock Control

The Freestyle Trilock® allows you to connect to the Freestyle App through an encrypted connection which secures your information and lock settings.

User Management

Using the freestyle App, you can take advantage of remote access capabilities such as lock, deadlock or unlock, either remotely when used with the Wi-Fi bridge or via Bluetooth* connectivity.

*Must be in range for Bluetooth functionality.

Lock Audit

Passage Mode - Both levers are un-restricted. 

Privacy Mode - Engaged by pressing the internal lock privacy button, via the App or if auto-lock is activated. Only the external lever is restricted, allowing the internal lever free from emergency escape.

Deadlock Mode – For full security, both levers are restricted. Can only be unlocked using the App, keypad or key override. Deadlock mode can only be activated by the App or Pin code.

Remote Access

The Freestyle Trilock® is designed to make entry easy by removing the need to use physical keys. Locking and unlocking is easy when using the App, Pin Code or Bluetooth.

Download from your App Store

Apple iOS (iPhone® and iPad®)