Trilock Omni

Featuring the Trilock '3 in 1' technology of lockset, deadbolt and passage functions as standard, the Trilock Omni makes a statement featuring a 600mm pull handle with a clever concealed lever on the exterior side of the door. Internally, choose from the flat plate Trilock Eclipse for a minimalist look, or the Omni Back to Back, which features the impressive 600mm pull handles on both the exterior and interior sides of the door.


3 in 1 security

Gainsborough Trilocks are unique in design, offering a combination of lockset, deadbolt and passage functions in the one system. This 3-in-1 technology keeps your home private and secure and makes your life easier with speedy one-hand access.

  1. The push button lockset mode from inside of the door features panic release by simply turning the inside knob or lever.
  2. Levers can be easily rotated during installation for use on left or right hand doors.
  3. When unlocked and unsnibbed, Trilock operates as a normal passage set.
  4. Lock body readily replaces old keylocks fitted to a standard 54mm hole.
  5. Single handed operation (key operates all functions of the lock).
  6. Deadbolt 20mm throw for extra security.
  7. Solid brass double 5 pin Euro profile cylinder can be keyed alike to other Gainsborough products for same key convenience.
Australian Design Mark
The Trilock '3 in 1' Locking mechanism has been awarded with an Australian Design MarkĀ® for Good Design by Standards Australia
Trilock Diagram