Maintain and care for a product

Knobs, Levers, Roses and Backplates

Gainsborough suggests cleaning knobs, levers, roses and backplates every 2 months with a soft, damp cloth and a solution of soap and water to remove dirt or grime.

However this should not be used on cylinders and you should ensure liquid does not enter cylinder at any time.

When cleaning, avoid using acidic or abrasive substances which may contain solvents, i.e. cleaning products, as such substances may cause a deterioration of the finish.

Caring for Stainless Steel

Depending on the environment where the product is used, blemishes can appear on stainless steel products. To help prevent this occurring, Gainsborough suggests cleaning your stainless steel products once a month.

Blemishes on satin stainless steel may be removed by rubbing with a suitable stainless cleaner/polish such as Eagle One Never Dull wadding polish.

Ensure rubbing occurs in the same direction as to the grain itself.

Lubrication of Locks

Gainsborough products are manufactured using a quality lubricant for smooth operation.

If the product has been installed in a region subject to extreme climate or subject to a dusty environment, then such conditions may effect the original lubricant and therefore the product may require re-lubrication.

In this case, the working mechanism may be cleaned with a non-corrosive substance and then re-lubricated with a quality silicone or teflon based lubricant.

Do not use lubricant in cylinder (oil or aerosol type).

Lubrication of Cylinders

When your key becomes “sticky” in the cylinder, you may sprinkle a small amount of graphite onto the key and then insert the key inside the cylinder.

Do not use lubricant in cylinder (oil or aerosol type).